Thursday, March 2, 2017

Soul Force Research

To start a new project is always a daunting task. However, with the help of my last post and new research, I hope to be able to assist with the problem. The problem in question is childhood illiteracy, specifically in lower socioeconomic brackets.

Childhood illiteracy is still extremely relevant. This is because illiterate children lead to (usually) illiterate adults. Illiterate adults can easily be misinformed, which poses a whole new problem when election season is near. Illiterate adults are also less likely to hold a steady job, and are 60% more likely to end up in jail. It is overwhelmingly better to educate children in literacy before they enter kindergarten, and especially before they enter the 4th grade, so that they can in turn have the ability to educate and provide for their future families.

The Research?
After my pre-search, I still had a few questions about childhood illiteracy. Namely, do familial situations and amounts of parental income have any effect on the literacy of children? As a matter of fact, they do. According to the Harvard Family Research Project, an increase in family involvement results in an increase in childhood literacy levels. As this study encompasses low income families only, it also fits the income facet of my research. Thankfully, this source passed the CRAP test for trustworthiness. The CRAP test measures the currency, reliability, authority, and purpose of a source on a scale out of 20, with 5 points available for each category. My Harvard source received a 19 out of 20, losing 1 point only in the currency category because no updates have been posted. In all other categories, however, Harvard passed with flying colors, because it was published with recent data and unbiased, and the fact that Harvard University was the sponsor of this case study. A bibliography is also included, further increasing the CRAP score.

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